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Default Re: 2019.6 Ultimate and iMac Pro are NOT happy together...

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
Mojave 10.14.6 is currently not supported to run the latest version of Pro Tools.
Unfortunately, High Sierra had other issues where the user was randomly logged out of the system. We did find this was a problem with the iMac Pro. Updating to Mojave solved that, but of course when we did the update, it took it to the LATEST version.

Our tech staff had purchased three or four of the newer Sonnet chassis for our video edit bays, running Avid, Adobe and DaVinci. Since they had the newer Thunderbolt 3 chassis they thought they'd install it on the iMacPro to avoid having to use the adapter back to 2 We still have the other chassis and can revert back, but stepping back the OS is a bit more challenging.

I'm hoping to hear more from tech support today.

BTW, the concept of 2019.5 working better didn't last. The editor with this system was working on one large post session for about 4-hours. During that time he had mentioned how the system had NEVER been that fast or responsive before. As soon as he closed the session, the CPU usage spiked to 100% and sat there with nothing open. Restating ProTools brought it back to reality.

One other thing we're going to try today... he had been using a large cache of 12GB due to the speed of our earlier SAN system. Now that he's got 10GB ethernet and the new system is faster, we had dropped the cache back to 2GB. Today we will attempt keeping the setting 'normal' with no cache and see what happens... reason being, as he closed out the session that worked, as soon as cache was cleared on the system usage meter, that's when CPU spiked. I have a feeling there's a correlation between the RAM usage and CPU usage as far as what ProTools is seeing.

More info later...

Thanks again for the replies, guys.
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