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Default Re: Automation AppleScripts for Pro Tools (Mac)

Update 1 of Vol. 1 is available now.

Make sure to delete the old scripts first before running the installer, else you will end up with a mess.

Pro Tools Automation Scripts Vol. 1 - Update 1

What’s new in Update 1 (10/2015)
  • All scripts and the installer are code signed now, thus Gatekeeper savvy
  • Support for Pro Tools 12.2 and higher has been added
  • Some scripts have been slightly renamed for different reasons
  • The Save Session Copy scripts have been enhanced by a 4th script which saves the session copy with audio files only
  • All scripts should work with OS X El Capitan, however this has not been fully tested as there has been no El Capitan compatible Pro Tools version released yet

Minimum System Requirements
  • OS X 10.8.4 or higher, Pro Tools 11.1 or higher
  • Pro Tools and OS X running in english

Download Pro Tools Automation Scripts Vol. 1 - Update 1
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