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Default Re: VocALign Pro Or VocALign Project?

I always hated Vocalign for years because I never got good results until I tried it again recently. I was working on a micro-budget side project with a ton of ADR and so I decided to give Vocalign another chance. I had always used my ears, eyes, nudge, and TCE trimmer tool before so I was skeptical. It actually worked great. It saved me a lot of time (I was working for a flat fee), was no more artifacty than the TCE trimmer (in some cases less), and gave the ADR a very tight sync. As dbHEAD pointed out, the trick is to break up the lines into small pieces, individual words or short phrases, the same way I usually used the trimmer. In some instances, the old method was still better, but overall I was very impressed. BTW, I was using Project and have not tried Pro yet.
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