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Default Re: VocALign Pro Or VocALign Project?

I have VocAlign Project and tried the demo of VocAlign Pro. VocAlign Pro is more flexible and is supposed to be based on a more advanced microediting algorythm. I found it did, indeed, work better than VocAlign Project.

I know many of the people on this forum don't use it, though after having tried the Pro version I'm puzzled as to why. It doesn't always work, but if you work with shorter segments it usually does a very good job very quickly. There were some instances where it actually made things worse, but those were few and far between - maybe one time out of 30.

You have to read the PDF to understand how it actually works, but I found it useful. If you're doing a movie project that has a considerable amount of ADR, you should at least try the demo. You can download it at the SynchroArts web site. It works for about two weeks.
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