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Default Function Scroller Curves

Let's examine a bit of workflow and managing the views and curves from the function scroller. To start, we have a Dolby Atmos session with a single 7.1.2 Bed track and many Object tracks. The Objects are grouped into chunks of 16 and assigned to a group paired to a VCA Master for easy access. A master Objects VCA has control over all of the individual VCA's (nested). Using Auto-Spill we can simply attention vO 11-26 to get into that Object range which dumps the channels neatly onto the right side of the desk. Now I can simply attention any of those first few Objects by pressing the Attention (triangle) switch from the Fader Module.

I've first Attentioned Object 11 as you can see and I'm showing the traditional method of swiping from top down on EQ to access the EQ plot. If we dig into the Local Options (gear icon), you can find some other ways to access curves and specific parameter pages. We are going to enable "Auto Show Function Graph on Selection" which allows me to simply touch a function block without swiping to bring down the associated curve.

We are also going to tweak "Function and Knob Page Selected on Attention Page". That's a mouthful! Let's set it to EQ - so that anytime I press an Attention from the Fader Module or Master Module it's going to bring up EQ as the first function for me to tweak. And since we also set the previous preference, it is also going to automatically bring up the EQ curve. Lastly, if we want to get tricky and access a specific set of parameters - such as page 2, which on Channelstrip gives you access to the filters, you can specify the page number in addition to the function to jump to on Attention press.

Now we press Attention on Object 12 - and bam, we have EQ, the curve, and you see it jumped to page 2 as I specified so I can easily tweak the HPF and LPF. Touching the blocks on the function scroller for DYN, EQ or PAN now will also bring down the plot based on that same preference.

One last thing.. Let's touch Sends (orange) which docks my sends to the adjacent 2 columns of encoders on the Master Module. Any Send name with an @ symbol indicates that the path is inactive. The strategy is - put everything plus the kitchen sink you need into your template and simply use COMMAND + CONTROL + SEL on the Send to Activate it on the fly when you need it, thereby preserving CPU / DSP resources.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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