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Default Re: Managing the Monitoring Page

Let's take a closer look at the Workstation page on the Master Module. The left column shows the S6 network where any Workstations running the same WSControl version on the same subnet will be listed. Simply drag from the Network column over to the Connected column to connect a Workstation to the surface. Once a session is opened in Pro Tools, the S6 will show a progress bar indicating the number of EUCON objects to cache onto the surface. This will be performed at the time of connection for each attached Workstation.

From the Local Options (Gear Icon) you can enable "Show Custom Name in Available List" and simply double click on the top of a Workstation rectangle to give it a unique name. In this example I might have 3 HDX rigs - and for this system I will designate it HDX-SFX. If a custom name is not added - the Workstation will simply reflect the Computer Name as shown in the Sharing panel of System Preferences on OSX.

Press the "Graphs" button to display CPU, Memory and Network graphs for the attached workstation. These values are pulled from the Workstation - in this case Pro Tools - and are not reflective of the Master Module computer itself.

Finally, just a refresher on designating the specific Workstation and Application to store Auto-Load data back to... This applies to Layouts, Preferences, Expand Faders and all of those data types under Auto-Load that can be found under the System Settings of the S6. Once an application has been associated, a Blue Star will appear just to the right of the application name -> Pro Tools 18Mac *.

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