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Default Multiple EQ & DYN Plug-Ins

Let's briefly examine a scenario where you may want to access multiple EQ or DYN plug-ins on a single track from the S6. Current versions of Pro Tools include a preference "EUCON Surfaces EQ Dyn cycling Starting at Insert X" which allows you to designate a preferred Insert letter for the EQ/DYN plug-in in the signal flow.

Let's say you have a Channelstrip plug-in on Insert a - doing basic filtering and subtractive EQ. Downstream on Insert c you have a Fabfilter Pro-Q2 performing additional sculpting and notching. You would prefer to have the surface always access the Pro-Q2 first and then with additional presses of the EQ switch on the Process module - cycle through to Channelstrip. Setting the cycle pref to Insert c will accomplish this.

Channels containing just a single Channelstrip or Pro-Q2 EQ plug-in (on any insert location) will automatically be accessed with a single press of the associated EQ switch.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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