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Default Contextual Automation

One of the most powerful modifier combinations that can be used on the S6 is Command + Control, either from the Fader Module modifier switches or on a QWERTY keyboard. Command + Control combined with any switch or touch-sensitive encoder or fader on the surface will change the view for those channel(s) to look at the touched parameter values.

If the Settings > User are enabled to Show Automation, holding Command + Control while touching a fader will display volume automation breakpoints on the display module of the associated fader. Adding the Option key to the mix will do it for all channels.

You can easily use the same modifiers to display Panning, Sends or Plug-in parameters overlaid onto the scrolling waveforms on the display modules simply by touching a touch-sensitive encoder which is actively displaying these parameters.

Lastly, Command + Control can be used in combination with the Fader Module Select switch on any channel to switch back to waveform view (assuming you were in an automation breakpoint view) and also to justify the track to the top of the Pro Tools edit window.

Jeff Komar
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