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Default Creating & Recalling Meter Layouts 1/2

For this TOD, let's examine creating a Meter Layout to be recalled and displayed on a Master Meter Module. Start by pressing the Tracks button to access the Track matrix. Now press Shift + Tracks to toggle the bottom scroller from Track Layouts to Meter Layouts.

Next, press the Local Options (Gear icon) from the Tracks page to adjust the desired formatting and number of channels (up to 32 possible) on the Master Meter Layout. For simplicity, we will chose Large Meters and 2 Meter rows for a total of 16 channels. Touch Assign to begin the process of creating a Meter Layout. Use the benefit of the filtering by Type at the top of the Tracks page interface to show only Aux tracks. We will choose the Submasters from sDrums to sVox contiguously. Now touch the location to anchor them in the meter grid. Next we will grab our Cue Masters by filtering track type to Master and grabbing CUE A - D and placing them on the second row. Now just for fun, let's application switch over to DADman with the tracks grid set to All and add the monitor outputs (MonA - D) corresponding to the Cue talent mixes which are part of our Monitor Profile. Application switch back to Pro Tools. Press Store, name it "Cues Subs" and finish by pressing Store once more.

Meter Layouts can be recalled in 3 different ways: from the Recall switch on the Master Module touchscreen, by pressing the Layouts button while in the Shift + Tracks mode (access on the same Master Module soft keys for Track Layouts) , and finally by using the User QuickJump (Shift + /) to access User Page 2 on the Soft Keys for quick access to Track and Meter Layouts.

Jeff Komar
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