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Default Managing Multiple Workstations

Let's take a look at accessing and managing multiple Workstations from the S6. In this example we have the preference enabled for Display Breaks on Track Color which can be accessed from the Local Options (Gear) menu of the Tracks page.

We have 2 Workstations: HDX and HDNTB which have both been dragged from the left side (Network) of the Workstations page to the active (Connected) column. Touching a Workstation will give us access to all of the tracks for that connected system. You can either press Shift + WS to access the Workstations on the Master Module Touchscreen or simply press WS and use the upper left Soft Keys on the Master module to do the switching. Press Tracks to return back to the Tracks page after changing workstations.

If we enable the User Preferences for Show Track Number in addition to Show Workstation Number we will see the format 2|42 which represents Workstation 2 (HDNTB) | Track Number 42. The vast majority of the pages on the S6 Master Module will display this view, including the Tracks Page, Home (exploded) page and the Universe scroller.

If we access an aggregate Track Layout composed of tracks from multiple workstations, you can identify the Scroller at the bottom of the page with an array of tracks showing the Workstation & Track number plus the user assigned color.

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