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Default Re: Trying to use Eleven Rack with Skype

Originally Posted by needled39 View Post
. . . So there is no "Mic/input" option like there is in pro tools. When I select the line in (Eleven Rack) I don't get any signal. . .
Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
You are picking line in (4) as your input, WTF!!. . .
Does look like you should change the "Sound / Recording / Microphone" from "Asus Xonar...currently unavailable" to your 11R mic input, if Skype will let you do that.

It is possible that neither Windows nor Skype can parse the 11R's I/O routing...

Not sure myself whether, under "Sound / Recording / Input" : "4 - Avid Eleven Rack" means Rig Output, line in, or something else...but...

If you haven't already, you can try to route the 11R mic input through the Rig Output:

1) Hold "edit/Back" button to enter "User Options" -- then scroll to "Rig Input"
2) Press SW1 to configure
3) Spin the left rotary knob to select "Mic"
4) Press the "Edit/Back" button twice

I agree with Darryl that before you spend more time on configuring Skype, you should focus on getting the 11R working correctly with the Windows "Sound" applet.
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