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Default DigiLink IO License NOT perpetual????

i own 2 PT Ultimate (HD) License , one with a current ,
never interupted UpdSuppPlan and one , where the plan ran out
after vers. 12.7.1. in 2017.

I purchased both Licenses along with Hardware

(the current one with HDX , the expired one with HD Hardware (in 2010))

Both show a DigiLink IO License , the current one WITHOUT expiration date,
still working with AVID interfaces , BUT

The Ilok , where the UpdSuppPlan expired in 2017 , shows an
expiration Date for the DigiLink License of 30.10.2016 (!!!!!) and
is NOT active.

Since i purchased this License long before avid introduced the
seperate DigiLink License , it should be PERPETUAL without expiration date.

SO , why is this License expired ..?

i want my license back! Jeffro?
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