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Default Re: Using VEP6 with two Macs to offload CPU ??

I used to run VEPo 6 with the two Macs listed in my profile. The iMac I ran was the model previous to the one you have (mine has the dvd drive and your doesn't). I stopped using the combo when I had trouble getting the video card replaced in the iMac. Up until that time I had no issues.

I see you have two different OSX installs. VEpro normally likes to see both machines with the same level operating system but can function with two different ones. That is direct from Vienna support people. That being said El Crapitan is the worst OSX Apple ever released. Majority of people here that have run it have had issues and it's universally reviled for audio work.

There is no such Komplete Ultimate version with the number you state.

You only need one Vienna Key (I think the Steinberg key is the same) and that would go on the machine you designate as a server. When I got my setup I purchase two keys direct from Vienna so I could have a spare and also when I didn't want to run the iMac server (my 2012 MacPro was the client where I have PT installed) and I didn't have to move the keys around.

That brings up an issue. Each machine will only see the iLok or Vienna key that is plugged into it. The client cannot see the server's keys and so on. It's nice now that Composer Cloud no longer needs a physical iLok - you can install the license asset direct to your computer but it still uses the iLok framework. When I had my two machine system with Play on one and PT on the other I needed a second iLok as EW at that time didn't support machine authorization.

Which you designate as the server and client is up to you. I would make that decision based on a couple of things - where you have PT installed and which you're comfortable working on. Looking at your specs I would have the iMac as the client where PT is installed and designate the MBP as the server. Those hard drives in the machines - are they're not Fusion drives are they?

As to what plugins get installed where for the way I work I didn't do anything inside the VEPro server except for whatever instruments I used. All other than instrument plugins I ran inside PT on the client machine. That way I could make changes easily.

Get a good quality cat 6 ethernet cable to connect the two machines. That means you'll not be able to connect to the internet while running PT and the machines are connected. I got lucky as my MacPro has two ethernet ports one of which was connected to the iMac for VEPro work and the other variously either went to my printer or the internet (I don't run internet while working in PT). This brings up a conundrum with Composer Cloud as you need to connect once a month for license verification. I don't know if there are adapters to convert a port on either machine to a second ethernet port.

I'm sure there are things I haven't covered.
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