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Default Re: Avid Core Audio with HDX/HD Native on Yosemite/later Mac OS

Originally Posted by steins View Post
Yes, with Pro Tools 12.5.2 and the new HD Driver 12.7.1.

No, I don't use aggregate devices in my normal workflow.

Like you, Ive been going digital from the mac to to the Omni interface in order to monitor offline. This works great on the Omni interface since it has that feature. However, I also have a HDX system with 192s, which doesn't have that feature. In order to monitor Spotify, I have to use an aux input in Pro Tools. This is workable, but it would be so much more convenient if Spotify (or any other app) and Pro Tools could share the same physical output.

I guess it could be argued that this is some sort of safety net which stops other apps from interfering with what's coming from Pro Tools. But it would be nice to have a choice .

Stein Tore

I've tested it.

You loose all the DSP that your cards could use, it's using only i/o nothing more, no delay compensation for i/o in HD native, no 256 voices meter in system usage. The HD Omni in this mode it's Orange instead of Green as usual.

It's nice, but my trusty digital cable FOR ME it's the best choice :)

But thanks for the tip.

And I'm using PT 12.7.1 even if I'd like to use I couldn't ehehe

about HDX It could be that the card is more difficult to coding and bypass everything in DSP to only let pass audio without passing/using any DSP.

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