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Default Re: Guitar tone reduced in Pro Tools 10

I used to have the same experience with Cubase, and it was part of the reason I left ultimately end up using PT's instead(along with many other issues with Cubase I won't go into right now). Something to consider, although it may not be affecting what you are hearing or not. I noticed that when I adjusted the Panning from -3db to -2.5 to 0, that it changed the way it sounded to me. Its only a volume thing..but sometimes it can cause a perceived difference when comparing the source and recorded material.

This may have nothing to do with your issue, but it was something I noticed in a similar quest I had sometime ago. You can adjust the Pan Settings in the project settings to 0 and then compare the source with the recording material and see if sounds different or similar in that regard. It could just be a volume thing.. or not. Good Luck!
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