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Default Re: Guitar tone reduced in Pro Tools 10

Going back over this thread I notice one thing I didn't pick up on before.

The OP states that he was setting the unit to DAW Tracking, meaning hearing the outputs of Pro Tools only and it sounds slightly different than Zero Latency Monitoring, which is the Hardware Monitor Path.

I have personally had many a conversation with other studio engineers about the sound of different DAWs Mix Engines.

I can say I and many others can hear a slight but audible difference between the same dry WAVs brought into Pro Tools versus Logic.

I know some people who are very perceptive of this and thus take a preference to Logic over Pro Tools even though they prefer Pro Tools' work flow.

Remember that when a DAW combines raw WAVs into a stereo bounce or output it is using math and not all DAWs use the exact same algorithms.

This may be what you are hearing. Test out a few other DAWs trial versions and see if you are one of these rare engineers that finds they have a preference to a particular DAW's Mix Engine.

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Katherine Kaplan // Focusrite Technical Support
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