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Default iLok won't surrender an existing 9+10 bundle license for 11

I'm doing maintenance for a fellow studio. They bought 3 PT11 licenses to upgrade their existing PT10 systems. While I was able to get this task done on 1 of the systems, I'm stuck with the second now.

I do have an iLok2 with the 9+10 bundle license on it. I drag the PT11 asset to this iLok, then I'm prompted which license I would like to surrender. I get to chose between two PT10 licenses that are registered with this account, but the one bundle on that iLok doesn't appear as an option. It's not being seen.

Could anybody help here? I don't seem to be able to open a ticket with iLok or Avid without having to pay for it. And with all this mess done by Pace frankly I don't see, why I would have to pay to get THEIR issues solved.

Thanks in advance for any kind of assistance here!

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