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Default Re: Analog Summing in PT Ultimate with working ADC - my Solution

ok, I've finally found some time to check this out, it works flawlessly!

Even using non AVID converters, I get sample accurate sync (mind you, probably not sub-sample accurate though) using a trusty old Apogee DA-16x for DA and the Neve 8816 built-in AD on my HD Native mixing rig.

Just a heads up: you WILL loose all the inputs that correspond to the summing outputs on your interface!

In my setup, the output of the summing folder goes to an Aux track that feeds the print track. After recording the mix, I can zoom in on the print track and verify that it is perfectly in sync.

Frank, in your description, I would switch steps 3 and 4 around, this is better for first time users. Thank you so much for geeking this out!
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