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Default Re: Exporting a session problem

Originally Posted by everettb21 View Post
i did a session copy to desktop to dvd to take over a friends house to add mores parts.
my friend has protools express on windows 8 and i have mac pro osx lion
of course i compress the files before they went to dvd.
on the pc i extracted all the files,opened session mix window came up. hit play button no sound. Checked for audio files,no audio files.

Can protools express on win8 read a session from mac osx lion 7.5 using protools 10. Is it something different i need to do ?
everything from the was there except the audio files.


Just to confirm.

The way to do this is to use the option in the save menu "save copy in" then save the session to a new location on your hard drive.

Also remember to click the box for Items to copy "audio files" otherwise you will not be including the audio!!

Note: another good thing to do before doing this is to use.. select>unused, in the clip menu then select clear in the clip menu and just remove unusued files from the session. This will stop you from including all the unused clips that are not active in the session but will still take up disk space, especially if you want to zip the session and send it internete etc.

P.S. I dont use Express, so cant confirm all these functions are part of express!!!!!!

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