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Default Re: Bravo Colin (McDSP) iLok debugging for HD !!!

Hi Jeff, as a matter of fact, no I did not try installing with the base OS. My Mix Cube had been running exceptionally well for the past two years with a rather lean setup. When I looked at a base extension set, I seem to remember there was so many extensions) enabled that were absolutely not pertinent, that we decided to continue with my ''fabi Mix cube'' extension set... What I don't understand, is that Pace does not make it clear. It's a rather important issue. IMHO It should not be fine print material, it should be in BOLD.

Anyways, it's resolved for me now, and my point was to make other users aware of the procedures, so that they don't waste a day like I did. And Colin figured it out for me!

BTW, I'm still looking for the 30 day demo of the Reverb One, while waiting for my authorization, I might start a thread on this

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