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Default Bravo Colin (McDSP) iLok debugging for HD !!!

Not only is he the best at building TDM EQ plug-ins, he's good at debugging HD systems...
He figured out that the iLok absolutely needs the "URL access" extension activated (in the extensions folder of your Mac's system) in order for the iLok to properly function for authorization. Now for those of you who run internet on your PT computer, it's not an issue, but people like me, that want nothing to do with the Internet on theit PT computer, it's a real issue. Pace didn't seem to know about this, and nobody from Digi was able to figure it out for me... but Colin did.

I believe a more accurate, and more in depth and detailed explanation of this will be posted on Colin's (McDSP's site) in the following days.

Thanx a a million Colin,

Now I just have to figure out where to get the correct version of demo plug-ins that will run 30 days while I wait fro Digi for my iLok authorization... Colin can you help me again??? Kidding
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