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Default Re: EIDE Controller and multiple devices

I have always tried to keep the faster devices apart from the slower. Many of the MB manuals have suggested this for max performance. I would suggest (since you indicate that you are shopping for a new computer) that you pick a board that offers 2 controllers. Like the Asus CUBX-E. It has a ATA33 and a ATA100 controller. This would give you up to 8 devices. I have a ATA100 for audio drives and a the boot drive on the primary master. This leaves open the secondary ATA33 for both CD & CDR drives. So if in the future you need more storage for audio you can have up to 4 ATA100 drives connected. It is a sweet forward thinking set-up. At least it works for me. Your milage may vary. Void where prohibited and all that.

Good luck

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