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Default EIDE Controller and multiple devices

I am shopping for a new computer to use with Digidesign AMIII for audio recording. I intend using EIDE hard drives, one for system and one for audio.

I am unclear about how to go about setting up these drives together with other IDE devices, for the following reason:

EIDE controllers have a primary and a secondary channel.

For best performance, Digidesign (and others) recommend having separate system and audio drives. The system drive has to be the master on the primary channel.

They also recommend having the audio drive set up as master, so that would require the audio drive being master on the secondary channel.

They also recommend no other devices IDE devices be used on the same channel as the audio drive; i.e no slave devices.

So what does one do with other devices such as CD-ROM drive as CD-RW burner?

Is the only acceptable option to have an additional controller card in the computer for these additional devices?

Thanks for any feedback.
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