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Default Re: Newby MIDI playback problem - no audio during playback

My problem is that I can not hear any of the MIDI audio during playback.
This is a common mistake that new users make. There is no such thing as "MIDI audio".

MIDI can really be described as "electronic sheet music". The MIDI data that you have recorded is the sheet music. The Computer is the musician that is reading the sheet music. What instrument is that musician playing? Unless you define that, no music will be produced by the "musician".

Instruments for MIDI can be either hardware or software. You can use either one for the instrument that you want the computer to play, but you still need to select and configure the instrument so that the "musician" knows which instrument to play.

When you play your PSR, you are probably hearing sounds, correct? If those sounds are the sounds that you want Pro Tools to play (that is the "instrument" you want he "computer musician" to play), then you need to hook up the unit correctly to do so;
  • (MIDI cables in both directions, from PSR MIDI output to UM-1 MIDI in, and from UM-1 MIDI output to PSR MIDI in, and then audio cables from the audio outs of the PSR to the mBox inputs
  • those inputs selected an aux or instrument track
  • set the MIDI output of the track to be the port that is connected to the PSR MIDI input

If you want to use Reason as the "instrument", then you need to set it up correctly as well. I have a few tutorials on how to use Reason on my website, as well as a few other tutorials that you might find useful and informative as a self-proclaimed "newbie".
My Website: Pro Tools "Newbie" Help

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