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Default Newby MIDI playback problem - no audio during playback

My hardware setup is PT LE, Mbox mini, Yamaha PSR 230 MIDI keyboard connected to Windows XP system via Roland/Edirol UM-1 USB MIDI interface. I created a MIDI track, set the input to the keyboard, and can record the MIDI input without problem. I can see the MIDI data in the track, and during playback I can see the record levels jump. My problem is that I can not hear any of the MIDI audio during playback.

Based on the beginners DVD I watched, I believe I need to add an AUX or instrument track, add Reason to this track (not sure how), and then direct the MIDI track output to the Reason track.

I tried the above, and tried every combination I could think of for the input and output of both the MIDI and AUX tracks, but no sound... I assume my monitor is setup properly, because if I add an audio track and record from my guitar (through the Mbox mini input 1), it plays back fine.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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