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Default Re: Midi with firewire 1814?

The "cable thing" is better called a breakout cable or pigtail. Just so people know what you're talking about

You will need to connect both MIDI ins and MIDI outs if you want to use the Casio as a controller and sound module. You'll also have to connect the audio output of the Casio to an input(s) of the 1814 or other mixer. The MIDI cables will only carry MIDI data, not actual sounds.

What you're asking isn't overly difficult, but it can be complicated. You would do well by doing a search on basic MIDI concepts, and then reading the Pro Tools manual regarding MIDI. Once you are physically connected you will still need to route the MIDI channel, set the keyboards local setting, decide if you are going to select PTs MIDI Thru function, etc.

It's not a simple one sentence answer.
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