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Default Midi with firewire 1814?

Hey guys,

I am just now diving into the MIDI thing, haven't ever really used midi before. Anyways, I have a Casio CTK-593 keyboard with midi in and midi out. I want to connect it too my firewire 1814 through the s/pdif midi chords that come with the firewire 1814. I took one midi chord and hooked it too my keyboards midi out, and then to the firewire 1814's midi in. But when i inserted a midi track and tried to record, the meter was moving when i played but i heard nothing, neither during playback or record. What am i doing wrong. How do i hook just a standerd keyboard to the firewire 1814 to play and record drum parts from the keyboard into pro tools? do i need another midi cable going from the firewire 1814's out to the keyboards midi in as well? Any help would be great...thanks!

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