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Default EQ / Dyn / Insert mappings when plugin attentioned

Just wanted to get some thoughts on a feature suggestion.

I love the new 19.5 feature that sets up the control surface when you open a plugin.

However some of my eqs and compressors map really well to the generic control surface Dyn/EQ mapping - and some don't and are only useable via the custom Insert mapping (Fab Filter EQ is a good example)

It doesn't really matter if you select via the control surface - as you can choose which button to press.

But when clicking on the plugin EuCon defaults to using the generic EQ/DYN for plugins where it can.

I'd like to suggest a checkbox option in EuCon 'Always use Insert when attentioning plugins' which would allow you to force EuCon to always use the Insert mapping.

Other thoughts?
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