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Default Re: Free Cakewalk has real dual screen display on Windows

In the Windows OS most applications not named Pro Tools allow windows to be separated onto two monitors. I've only tried a handful, but they all do. Samplitude, Studio One, Reaper, etc. Sony/Magix Vegas does the same for video. The "master app" window concept is unique to Pro Tools in my experience. Just guessing, but from my software engineering experience of days gone by, it could have something to do with the UI libraries Avid uses for cross platform development.

That said, I don't find the single window concept anything more than a minor irritation. It's trivial to stretch the main window across both monitors and set up the windows however I like across both. However, I very much like the docked window capabilities of most other apps, and I also like the tab capabilities.

Originally Posted by leftalive View Post
That's interesting as I always understood the 'master app window' BS to be an OS level thing, with no solution.

Good to hear, I guess. Now let's get Avid on this. I'm sure it'll rocket up the priority list if we shout loud enough. /s
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