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Default Re: Free Cakewalk has real dual screen display on Windows

Originally Posted by maltastudio View Post
Cakewalk is one of the best Windows based doubt for me , I`ve been using it all my life and will keep on using it till it dies completely...and that looks like a long way how things are showing.

I started digital recording with Sonar 3 Producer, then S5P and finally S8P. Quite a decent program for the time. I moved to PT when I went Apple after the Windows rig I was running died hard. Would have loved to have seen a true Mac version but whoever was pulling the strings at the company cheaped out and didn't do proper coding and used a code translator to write the Mac version (which never made it out of beta).

Sonar innovated things that took Avid years to put in PT and some they still haven't. Along with Sony Soundforge, CD Architect and Acid it was a killer system.

I don't know if the program is still light on cpu usage but in a system that consisted of a Toshiba Satellite 1955 laptop with 2.53 GHz Pentium 4 and 2 gig of ram and Windows 95 I could run 30+ tracks with a mix of vi's and audio and the machine was barely breaking a sweat. FW400 7200 rpm spinners for samples and recording and a TC Powercore FW.
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