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Default Re: What's the lag issue?

If you are still having problems...

I would exclude memory leaks as an issue here. Does the whole computer become sluggish? Try removing all .aaxplugin files and trashing prefs and seeing if this still happens.

Disk problems would not be top of my list.., but because it is being talked about...

“128GB SSD” tells us nothing really useful about that drive. What exact make/model SSD is it? SATA? PCIe/NVMe

When posting here please include the expected SiSoft Sandra report, that makes all these things clear... see under “help us help you” up the top of each DUC web page.

Why is your disk cache set so small? Even without having any clue what you are doing I would more typically expect it to be a few GB. Is this set low to help avoid running out of main memory because of lots of VI use? How large are your sessions (size of audio files in the session). does the disk cache meter show the sessions taking up a small amount of the cache?

You really should not be mixing on a 5400 rpm drive.

If that is only a SATA SSD it may not be a good idea to record to that drive, depends on what you are doing, and disk cache settings.

... There are enough questions here with your disk related setup that I worry that other things may not be setup well either. Good that you have gone through the optimization steps but there is more than that to worry about. Start with checking plugins if you are still having problems, ask here if you are still having problems and we’ll help get this sorted for you.

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