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Default Re: What's the lag issue?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Check your power settings (and do go to the advanced power settings in Windows.) Sounds like your system may be set to power things down (including USB) when inactive.

Pro Tools does not like that while open -- especially with a USB audio interface and USB iLok
That^^^^ is top of my list as well. Then, I would uncheck "Ignore errors...". What drive are you recording to? A 128GB drive may be enough for basic programs, but it would get too full really quick if you're recording to it.(recording drives sort of need some free space for decent performance. Maybe 20%). If you only have a single drive, I would buy a 500GB or 1TB SSD, clone your current C: drive and swap it out for the bigger drive. Just my 2 cents, but 500GB is the smallest system drive I would run(my average use for a full install of all software is around 350GB, even with sample libraries on their own drive) BTW, make sure there is no disk in your DVD drive(if you have one). That's a known performance killer for Windows setups.
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