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Default Re: 44.1 kHz vs. 48 kHz - why not use the higher?

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post

:<.... snip....

just bounce whatever bit depth and sample rate your session is originally

... >: snip

I'd disagree in some respects :

If the session is at 16bits, (or even in some cases, 24bits) the mixer summing and effects still happen in a 32bit floating point / 48bit fixed / 64bit floating point world.

Why introduce truncation, or dither, and loose so much?

@ OP :

I'd ask the M.E. If they want 24bit fixed point, or 32bit floating point files.

But yeah, as for sample rate, just leave it at whatever the session was tracked / mixed at - leave any sample rate conversion to the M.E. (Not that it's in any way a lossy process, so long as you aren't reducing the sample rate below what it was originally recorded at).

But if you are self mastering, a red book CD has to be 16bit / 44.1kHz, so you'll need to dither, and SRC.

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