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Default Re: Undipped music stem

HI Postman

You made me laugh!

Sorry if I came across as crabby, but if you saw the DME 's that I have to deal with on a far too regular basis.... perhaps you might be sympathetic?
I expect nonsense from video editors and clients - but we are in audio and we ought to know better than to give each other incorrect files.

I think your option 2 is what I do, music is dipped under sync. As long as VO is not butted too tight (ouch) to the sync then there is plenty of time for a nimble fade up on the DME fader.

I think too much may be being read into this? and I was posting to indicate why un-dipped music stems (against Narration) should be the norm and why.

I most definitely do not claim to have all my final mixes sailing by with just the DME fader being dipped against narration, but for the most part it is more often than not. There are exceptions to all rules... and not all audio situations are similar. But if you send me a dipped DM&E......I'll bite yer bum!

pip pip

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