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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Uh, they sound like CD/DVD ROM drives. I would look for floppy drives and change one thing at a time. I have no idea what BIOS you have, if you are lost there you can say and other folks here may be able to describe exactly were the settings are. If nothing else you can disable/remove the floppy drive drivers in the windows device manager.

The problems you are seeing are not likely to be caused by hyperthreading or c-state.

If you are not seeing AAE-6106 or similar AAE CPU errors then leave hyperthreading on. Especially with 2019.5 I would hope that mostly stays enabled. Yes I know Avid optimization says otherwise, but itís the last thing on the list, maybe more to try if you are troubleshooting. The popular consensus of experts here seems to be disable it only if having problems, and itís behavior is highly dependent on plugins and workloads.
What would a floppy drive be named as in the device manager?

I just tried to open a plug-in on a track and as soon as i try and change a value in the GUI it shuts the whole program down.
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