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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
If this was happening to lots of other people folks would be screaming about it here.... and we are not seeing that,

Not much info here...

What computer and OS? What exact version of Pro Tools?

You mean the UI menus activated with a mouse? Are you using a funky mouse or trackball, try a regular mouse, try a different mouse anyhow.

Or are you using keyboard shortcuts? Or you using a control surface?... got one connected?

If you are using a mouse try keyboard shortcuts and visa versa.

When did this start happening? What changed?

What troubleshooting have you tried? Starting with trashing prefs? Rebooting. Swapping keyboard and mice, making sure there are no mouse or keyboard customization utilities messing with stuff, etc. Do you use enough other software on the computer you would notice similar issues with that?
So many possible causes. Maybe i can sum some things up.

My computer is a HP Z420 Xeon E5-2680 128GB RAM and 512GB+256GB SSD W10P Quadro NVS 310 Water cooler.

My version of pro tools is 12 (2018.10).

The freeze up, not answering, mode occurs in different situations. It can be when trying to open a plug-in on a track, when loading a preset or changing a value in a open plug-in or when restoring tracks while loading session (this one session always stays on a perticular track, see attachment. In the upper left corner it says Pro Tools (svarar inte), meaning not answering). If i then force it to shut down (right clicking on the logo in the start menu and choosing close window) and open it again without plug-ins (shift+open session) it opens up just fine. I feel there are many different random ways for the program to go into error mode.

I have no control surface connected and i i´m only using a small amount of keyboard shortcuts, like shift+mouse click open session or center pan knob by pressing alt and click with the mouse. I´m using a ordinary mouse, possibly the same since the beginning. I´ve tried a wireless one, but no difference. I am using a wireless keyboard. I´ll try with a wire connected one.

I have trashed both Prefs and InstalledAAX in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Pro Tools
and rebooted. No luck there.

I have not noticed any similar issues in other software. I have programs like google chrome and some picture editiors and, of course, iLok producy manager, melodyne, PA producy manager, ezdrums, ezKeys and some other music production related programs installed.

Unfortunatly i can not tell when it all started. I feel it´s degrading and getting worse all the time.

What more info can i provide? / Jonas
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