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Default Win 7 to Win 10 in-place upgrade - WORKED !!!

I tried an experiment on my old/under-powered laptop (see sig). It's been stable running PT 9 vanilla on Win 7. I use it only for remote sound gathering gigs - i.e. just a few audio record tracks, buffer 1024, little if any plugs, no MIDI, no VIs, no mixing, network connection off. Simple stuff ---> rock solid.

Yesterday I tried the free upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. I did not do a clean install; I did an in-place upgrade & it worked !!!

I am right now running a test recording: Win 10/PT 9 vanilla/buffer 64/16 mono record tracks bused to a stereo record track/plugs on every track/network connection on/chrome browser running. ---> No clicks/pops/latency/CPU spikes. It's been recording for 4 1/2 hours now. This same setup worked on Win 7, but it would crackle unless the buffer was 128 or higher.

Note: PT 9 is NOT approved for Win 10 ... maybe I'm just lucky !!!
Desktop: Win 7 / GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R / i7-980X hex @ 3.9GHz / 32GB / PT 9 / Focusrite LS56
Laptop: Win 7 / HP ProBook 4730s / i7-2630 / 8GB / PT 9 / U-PHORIA UMC1820
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