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Default Re: Seeking TimewARP 2600 Full Version iLok Asset

Originally Posted by DetroitT View Post
Sonivox now owns Tw2600. They are so slow.
Tw2600 is a truer rendition in sound and looks.
AAX coming in “Sonivox-Soon” terms.
Try their downloads.

This installer is what I mentioned in my initial post. It ONLY includes the AU & VST plugins - no RTAS. I know the description says RTAS compatible but this is NOT the case. What I am completely pissed about is the fact that I have contacted Sonivox, WOW, AudioDeluxe and Plugin Boutique - and told them there is NO RTAS plugin in the installer. They have verified this but still the description on EVERYONE's website still says RTAS compatible. To me, this is unacceptable. I mean, do they just not care that their Tech Specs are wrong?

UPDATE: AudioDeluxe did finally refund my purchase for TimewARP 2600, because there is no RTAS plugin in the installer.
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