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Default Re: changing sample rate or clock source on MTRX popping monitors

Originally Posted by jgaz View Post
Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, we have a DirectOut Technologies Andiamo MADI da/ad. Changing it to clock off of the wordclock input rather than MADI fixed the issue, no more popping of the monitors when switching sample rates!
Actually, further update, I only thought that fixed the issue but found out that it didn't. It wasn't until recently that I've had a chance to dig into this issue further and I've been both in contact with Avid and Directout Technologies.

In the end, I'm advising everyone I know to stay away from the DirectOut Technologies Andiamo Madi DA/AD. There's no workaround other than powering off monitor speakers before changing samplerate or simply replacing these units with another brand that won't pop their outputs when changing samplerate.

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