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Default Re: changing sample rate or clock source on MTRX popping monitors

Good call, ours are being fed by a madi D->A and then analog from that device to the monitors. I'm used to digital converters muting their outputs when they lose clock. I'll see if there's a setting on them to get them to mute instead of pop.



Originally Posted by BScout View Post
I do not have this issue, if that helps for comparison.

All digital will pop when changing sample rates but cutting the monitors doesn't pass the pop to to the speakers. Cut is a complete mute.

However, I'm curious what your monitors are. Are they hooked by digital/AES? In which case the sample rate change will effect them (because your monitors will be asynchronously re-clocking too.) That would be expected unless your monitors have a function to automute when reclocking.

Mine are connected via analogue, for reference.
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