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Default Re: Resurrecting Mbox PT LE (Win XP)

I don't think there are any drivers for the first Mbox to use in newer PT versions and we have 3-4 of the Mbox 2 and 3 and 3 Pro in a closet now and would never use any of them again as the tech and quality of them are really really bad. Why not just get a focusrite 2i2 for ex and be done with all these headaches? I have one here in a closet that someone left here a few years ago you can have free if you pay the $50 dollars or so to ship it to you from my home in sweden. Way way wayyyyyy better sounding and drivers for 2018.X aswell.

I wouldn't waste anymore time being stubborn trying to sqeeze the last out of an old Mbox 1 which wont run on any of the PT versions the past years.
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