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Default Re: Is there an upgrade from PT12 to PT12 HD?

Originally Posted by nigelpry View Post
With a bit of luck, as more people realise this, it'll make my 11HD upgrade from CPTK more salesworthy and valuable ;-)
The way the math works out, it might not become valuable than it is right now. For people that buy it right now, it only would cost $599 to upgrade to 12 HD. But in the new year, it'll be $999 for them (on top of what you sell the license for). Say you wanted to sell at $1200, once they include the $999 upgrade fee, they are starting to approach 50% of the cost of an HD Native + Omni system (except then they get hardware and all the benefits that go along with that). Software-only is a better deal overall of course, but is HD worth $2200 to somebody?

I ended up deciding not to sell my HD license though because compared to the annual vanilla price, I'm not spending that much more after the first year (~$40 per year - $399 vs $360) to keep it up to date.
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