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Default Re: Converting midi files to audio files

What you need to do is use the "bus" to route and record the audio to a new audio track. Let's take a simple example:

Assume you have 1 midi track and 1 Aux track so you can hear the midi.

1. Create a new audio track (either mono or stereo).
2. In the Aux track create a bus as a "send". (Alternatively, you could set the output to a bus, I believe.)
3. In the Audio track, set your input to the bus you just created.
4. Listen to the new track and adjust volume, plug ins, etc.
5. When you are happy with it, press the "record" button on the audio track to make it ready, then record the Aux output to the audio track.
6. Mute the Aux output so that all you can hear is the new audio track.

That should do it. Sorry if this is a bit inexact, I'm not in front of my music computer right now...

Hope this helps!
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