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Default Re: pro tools hdx 3 and Space + other heavy plugins

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
So instead of clinging to the old, just start using reverbs natively (unless you run a decades old host computer)
that's not what i meant.
The disapointment is (according to what you say) for Avid not to be abble to buid dsp cards that would handle the Space verb as well as it was on TDM. Wich i will need to hear soon or later.

Well i have a mid 2011 mac pro wich is fine so far for native stuff - i was just considering the possibility of changing Avid HW but yes, i guess i'll cling to the old a little more.

As a matter of fact i still have a G4 working perfectly that i use for reheasals or gigs with a digidesign chassis using my own pre for the band
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