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Default Re: The owner has deleted shared project

Same happened to me many times. I was hoping this problem get a fix with 2019.5. It did not. This morning i made a session with PT First - it`s now officially announced that i can record as many sessions as i like.

After the lunch i was coming back, my mac lost Wifi Connection - an i got this message like in this post stated. I could not change anything. My work from 4 hours was completely removed from my harddisk - without my permission. This is a complete no go. It seems to me that this is the worst decision to trust my intellectual work to this product. And furthermore - will not lead me to upgrade to any Pro Tools Version.

I am working with Audio Sequencer Applications since 30+ Years. Started with 12, 24 , Cubit , Cubase, Magix, Logic 9, Logic X. Never ever in my whole Life i had this kind of issue. This has to be fixed immediately - otherwise i can not recommend Pro Tools First for my students to start.

Hoping that someone from the Avid Staff takes this to responsible person.
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