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Default Re: Using VEP6 with two Macs to offload CPU ??

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Do NOT short yourself on drive space, especially considering you're going through the trouble pg opening up the MBP case. Get as large as you can afford especially if you're putting samples on it. Go at least 1 TB. And make sure the drive will fit in your MBP. I run a 4 TB 7200 rpm spinner for my samples and that's almost half full. You never want to completely fill up any type of disk drive - you always want to leave space. A good figure used to be to leave 20% free. Keep in mid that some installers need more space for doing the install than the finished installation takes up.

Take a look at what all the stuff you'll be getting from EW will tkae up space-wise. Let's put it this way - if you download the whole Composer Cloud they recommend doing the download overnight - that's how long it takes because it's HUGE
Okay, I will check out how big the MBP can go.
May look into seeing if I can upgrade the iMac also...
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