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Default Re: Pro Tools Duet (by Apogee) now keeps losing connectivity on Sierra.

I get exactly the same behaviour. It's plugged in fine but nothing on the Mac can see it (System Preferences, DAWs etc). Every other peripheral using the hubs I use work fine with no issue...

For transparency, here's what they Apogee advised:

In short, Avid contracted us to make a version of our Duet and Quartet for them that would work on Mac and PC's. This was unique at the time since these units only worked on Apple devices.

- You have to use software and firmware from Avid's website on these units. This is because of physical differences in the circuitry to make the Avid units compatible with Windows.
- This means you cannot use the Apogee software & firmware on the Avid units and vice versa. Avid & Apogee units are separate.
- I do not know when Avid last updated their software/drivers.
- Support is provided by Avid. The only time Apogee is involved is if there's a hardware repair required.
However, it does seem from other responses that a version of the Duet has been released that works across other platforms too. If I get to the stage where I'm about to move to another product / the workaround proves too cumbersome I'll look at flashing using the Apogee files instead.

I'm not sure exactly why the Duet isn't working, and it's pretty disappointing that Avid aren't willing to investigate further, but I'll leave it to you to decide which vendor you want to purchase from in future.
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