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Default Re: Pro Tools Duet (by Apogee) now keeps losing connectivity on Sierra.

I have similar issues with my Eleven Rack disconnecting or not connecting (always have i.e. through lots of OSX versions - now High Sierra) so I often end up using the headphone output of my iMac.

However, this doesnít drive my 250ohm DT770s very well and Iíve recently ordered a pair of HD650s which are 300ohm+ (actually the Massdrop version - anybody else getting these?)

So, I was looking at the Apogee Groove DAC/headphone amp earlier today but also came across the Pro Tools Duet at a relatively low price (compared to the Apogee-branded Duet) including 1 year of PT subscription (that Iíve just renewed but I assume I could use this to extend later) ... thus came across this thread.

My understanding is that the Apogee model didnít previously support Windows but did support iOS, and the Avid model supports Mac and Windows only ... and the new Apogee version now covers all three ... but this thread suggests that I could end up with the same connectivity issues with the Avid Duet as with the Eleven Rack?! And if they didnít sell well, as Darryl suggests, who knows if Avid will support future OSX versions - any chance of getting Apogee firmware on these or is the hardware different internally too? Do these issues reflect issues with Avid drivers i.e. do users of non-Avid interfaces enjoy reliable connections to their computers?
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