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Default Re: Film Production Sound Tips & Field Recorder Workflow with Pro Tools 9.0.3

Originally Posted by sound01 View Post
If only it were that easy. I've had many jobs where the media has been taken into MC in such a way that files, exported in AAF or OMF format, don't allow me to use this function. And asking the picture department to go back once the sound crew has started and re-import all the media the way we'd like it, just isn't going to happen.

As Craig F said, a video showing the correct settings for the picture department to import the media into MC would be very helpful..... invaluable...... great!!!
AFAIK there is no way to prevent meta-data from being read on import in the MC. Were these referenced OMFs/AAFs?

there are about a million reasons why match clip doesn't work. about 999998 ways to enter wrong meta-data on set. editors cutting with scratch-tracks from a digital camera without matching TC. Just because matxh-clip doesn't work it doesn't mean they used import/export in a wrong way. mostly the entire workflow is wrong or the recordist didn't enter tape-numbers or A LOT of other mistakes being made long before the fles teach the avid.

I have never come across a situation where the MC failed to forward the original meta-data to it's media files.

the only things to set on the MC is the media file type and the way wrong Fs and bit-depth is handled.
there are very few things to set on export. I am not aware of an "ignore meta-data" setting or the like.

99.9% of relinking trouble comes from poorly maintained meta-data on set. the rest are bugs in PT but I heard they fixed some in 9.0.3.

if there is no meta-data in your media files that was in the original bwavs you are most likely using an embedded OMF/aaf.

plase correct me if I'm wrong but I've never seen an option hat will ignore metadata from original bwavs.

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