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Default Re: PT9 Command 8 with another control surface

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
Sorry about the delay in getting to this one - I've had a huge queue to try to get through since Pro Tools 9 launched.

The short answer to your question is 'Yes', though you can't use 2 C|8's together. You can, however, use a C|8 with MC Mix, MC Control, etc.

Here's how I would use it - go to Peripherals>MIDI Controllers and enable the C|8 in the first slot.

If you have an MC Mix, MC Control, etc. attached go to Peripherals>Ethernet Controllers and enable EuCon.

I'm working with an MC Mix, and MC Control and a Command|8 attached. Once you do the above, you'll see that all 3 units show the first 8 tracks of your session (well, the MC Control will show the first 4). If I wanted to have each unit 'start up' with a particular set of tracks assigned you can bank to the selected tracks on the MC Mix or MC Control, then go to EuControl Settings and the Layouts tab - and store your layout. I set mine up so the C|8 is controlling the first 8 tracks, the MC Mix the next 8 and the MC Control the next 4.

Note that layouts are store PER SESSION, so you may want to create a template session with the configuration you want and from which to base all your future sessions.

You can also create multiple layouts and switch between them easily using the Layouts panel.

Note - you can independently bank any of the controllers to a particular set of tracks if you want to control them from a particular control surface.

Lastly, if you want 'set in stone' layout for your template or particular song, you can always use the 'Assign' tab of the EuControl Settings to lock a fader to a particular track in a session. Keep in mind that the C|8 has no such capability, so you'll always start up with the C|8 controlling the first 8 tracks and you'll have to bank to the set of tracks you want it to control.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for replying. One question, if i set up the command 8 and a MCMix using your method assigning the command 8 for the first 8 and the MCMix for the next set of 8, will they be bankable? What I really want is to be able to have a MCMix be an extension of the faders on the C8.

Thanks in advance.
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